English School Uniform Regulations: Enforcement

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An associated issue is how the schools go about enforcing the uniform code. Enforcement has varied over time. Also the parents reaction to the enforcement has like wise varied. Parents seem much less willing to back the school authorities than they once did. Here there are a variety of issues. One is just what the violations are. Another is just what action the schools take to enforce those regulations.


Potential violations are quite varied and parents in recent years seem more willing to side with their children on some of these issues.


A paretvwrites, "At the Senior School my eldest attends you have to have 15 stripes showing on your school tie." Another parent writes, "I can just imagine the Teachers counting the stripes on the students tie. Schools should concentrate more on educating our children, not whether 15 stripes are showing on the ties."

Skirt length

One parent thought that, "Mmeasuring skirts' is a little too personal, even by female staff." Another writes,"It is a bit over the top. My daughter did come home and said their teacher was going to measure the length the following day, but it didn't happen. Think the teacher was away. I think they adopted the new uniform as outsiders had commented that seeing the children in different styles etc looked scruffy, but as people have commented, what difference does it make to educational needs?"

Trouser shade

A mother writes, "I bought my daughter a 60. pair of grey trousers back in September, because the usual school shop trousers are poorly made and only look good for about a month. Now it's March and her head of year Miss Pinsent has sent her to isolation because the trousers have faint red checks. You have to stand up close and squint closely to see this. She says my daughter -who is an A* student doing 9 GCSEs-will not be allowed to return to classes in her trousers and will only be allowed to sit in isolation until the end of term. Meanwhile I spoke to a reporter at my local newspaper he looked at my daughters trousers in disbelief and will write up a story for publication. I suggest more parents turn to their local papers and put public pressure on the schools."


A parent writes, "Girls have to wear a certain shade of tights." A parent writes, " It seems rather silly to be too concerned about whether the fgirls are wearing the wrong shade of navy blue tights."

Enforcement Systems

Schools have various ways of eforcing the uniform codes. Schools once relied heavily on prefects. Some teachers seem to have conducted a crusade oin this area. Modern schools have adopted a range of efforts. One is a uniform card.


Uniform cards

One parent writes, "We were told to notify the deputy of any complaints about the uniform. The reason they changed the uniform was to make the children look smarter, as before, the clothing could be bought anywhere. The uniform policy is strict at the school, and they have to carry around uniform cards. Anything out of place they get a mark on the card, if that gets full then they get a detention. They even measure the length of the skirts!" This brought a tounge and cheek reply. "he skirts..!! Well it's good to see the education system being put to good use."


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