English Preparatory School Uniforms--Garments

Figure 1.--These new boys at a rep school are wearing their dress uniform, white shirt, ties, and suits for a school function.

Boys at English prep schools wear a variety of garments, although there were many similarities. This has changed over time as well as depending on the activity involved. Schools usually had an everyday uniform, especially after World War II. There was often a uniformn for special events. Sometimes this just meant wearing a white rather than a grey shirt or oxfords rather than sandals. Some schools, however, had an entirely different uniform, often a suit rather than a blazer. There were also gym and sports items. Some of the basic garments commonly worn at prep schools have included peaked caps, blazers, white abnd grey shirts, sweaters, short pants, kneesovks and school sandals. Many other garnents have been worn. Several scghools adopted corduroy uniforms. The popularity of these and other uniform garments has varied substantially over time. Eton collars were once de regure, but largely disappeared in the 1920s. Caps were once worn by nearly all boys, but are now worn at only a few schools. Most boys once wore short pants, but long pants are now more common, especially for the older boys.


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