French School Uniform:  Drama

Figure 1.--Here we can see a class of CE2 (3rd grade) children at the Bohar state primary school engaged in a school play, probably about 2010. Bohars is a commune in the Finistère department of Brittany, northwestern France. It looks like the play may be something like Les Miserables.  

We see French children involved with drama at various levels of their education. We do not have much chrnological information on this. We do not know how common frama activities were in the 19th century. Nor do we know if there were even drama activities in primary school during the 19th century. They seem more likely at secondary schools. We do no note drama activities in the 20th century, both at primary and secondary schools. The younger children may do skits in classes. And school pagents often had the various classes prepare presentations. They could be singing or music, but they also might do skits. This is an often popular activity with the children. Early schools were very basic structures. Modern schools are more likely to have facilities like gyms and audortoriums or dual purpose facilities. Older children including older primary children may put on school plays. Of course the plays produced at the secondary level are much more elaborate affairs, commonly importantb plays rather than plays especially designed for children. We are not sure yet just what kinds of plays are popular. France of course has a rich history of important dramacists.


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