Japanese School Uniform: Chin Straps--Extent

Figure 1.--Here we see two Japanese boys in 2009 wearing their school uniform hats with chinstraps. Often we see school children not using the chinstraps, but we think most caps and hats had them. (Baseball caps may be an exception.) We think some schools strictly enforced rules about wearing them while other schools left it to the children.

We note that some Japanese school headwear (both caps and hats) come with chin straps. It is not clear to us at this time just how common chin strps are. Quite a few Japanese schools included headwearv as part of their school uniform. Most of school headwear, as far as we can tell, came with chin straps. This is a little difficult to determine because the children do not always use the chin straps. Thus we are not entirely sure if there was a chinstrap or if the child just is not wearing it. We note large number of images in which the children are not wearing the chinstraps. School rules may be a factor here. Our feeling, however, is most ahd the chinstraps, but we can not yet confirm that. Hopefully our Japanese readers will be able to tell us more. We note chinstraps with rather surprising headwear like British style peaked school caps. We have never seen these caps with chinstraps in Europe or America. One of the few styles that did not have chin straps was the baseball cap, but even here we see some children wearing baseball caps with chinstraps. Some schools that did not have uniforms still required the children wear standard headwear--uually a cap. These were often done in a bright colors such as yellow or orange. This was a saftey measure to help motorists seen children, especially the younger children, coming and going to school. We are not sure what proportion of Japanese schools required the children to wear caps or hats, but it appears a very large percentage of school headwear had chin straps.


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