Japanese School Headwear: Gender Trends--Conventions

Figure 1.--Here we see children at a Hiroshima primary school in 2005. The boys and girls wore similar uniforms, except for the headwear. The girls had hats and the boys baseball caps. Of course the girls wore skirts with the blazer anbd the boys short pants.

We see Japanese children wearing both the same headwear and gender destinctive headwear at various schools. The younger boys and girls commonly wear the same style caps and hats. This was the genderal convention in nursery schools and kindergardens. The general convention in primary schools was to have gender destinctive headwear. Most of the schools we have seen have gender-destinctive headwear, especially the uniform schools. This is interesting because the boy and girl uniforms are often quite similar. The major difference is that the boys wear pants and the girls skirts. We think some primary schools may have the same headwear for the children, but we have not yet found examples. This is most likely to be at the non-uniform schools. Often these schools did require the children to wear uniformn headwear, often brightly colored so they stood out in traffic. The students at secondary schools as far as we know always had gender destinctive headwear, commonly the cadet caps for the boys and sailor hats for the girls.


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