Japanese School Headwear: Gender Trends--Styles

y Figure 1.--Here the chikdren from a private school are boarding a suburban rail line. The boys and girls have very similar, but not identical blue felt rounded crown hats. The boys have upturned brims. The girls have down-turned brims with a red stripe hat band.

There are quite a few different styles of headwear worn at Japanese schools and most had gender connotatiins. Most schools had headwear of some kind, especially the uniform schools. And this was true for both boys and girls. Older children usually have gender-specific styles. Usually the differences are very obvious. Notice the differences in the school here. The girls have straw hats, the boys cadet caps (figure 1). In other instances the differences we see are more muted, such as using the same color. But thre are almost always differences. Here there is a wider variety of styles for girls than is the case for boys. Hats seem most common for girls and caps more common for boys. Not only are their style differences, but chin straps seem more common on the girls' hats. Many girls wear very similarly syled sailor dresses. This is most common at secondary schools, but some primary schools also have sailor dresses. The headwear to go with these dresses is quite varied. This contrasts with the fairly similar caps the boys wear with their cadet-styled uniforms.


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