New Zealand School Activities: Academic Classrooms

Figure 1.--This New Zealander primary teacher conducts her class outside in the open air.

Academic classrooms in New Zealand are very similar to thise in North America and Western Europe. They perhaps tend to be a little more modern because most schools now in operation have been built since Wotld War II. This reflects the country's prosperity since the War as well as a desire to have earthquake resistant school buildings. We note airy classrooms with lots of windows. The classrooms are generally well equipped with modern classrrom furniture and teaching equipment. The classrooms are generally organized with a teacher's desk at the front. The children have desks and chairs which are easily moved and thus can be arranged in a number of different ways. This varies with the teacher's preferences and the type of lesson. Some teachers organize small group activities, especially in primary schools. Secondary schools tend to be more formal classroom arangements with the teacher at the front directing the class. There are special classes for specific topics like science and foreign languages as wll as non-academic subjects. Here school size is a factor in the special classroom facilituies. This is most common at the secondary schools, but some larger primary schools have special facilities as well. On nice days some teachers may take the children outsoors for a class. Some schools may have facilities for such outdoor class sessions.


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