New Zealand School Activities: Medical Services

Figure 1.-- New Zealand as part of its welfare system had a school dental care service. The photo was taken in 1952 at Waipu school. The country still has free standard dental care for school-age children, but as far as we can tell, it no longer takes place at the schools.

New Zealand during the early-20th century enacted a system of socialized medicine financed by the state. The national healt care system had to be reformed in the late-20th century as it and other socialist reforms were driving New Zealand into national bankrupsy. As a result, the system has been changed from a fully public system to one in the government has introduced market reformst and private health insurance to control costs. This has created a mixed public-private system tghat seems to be making health services available to all while cobntrolling costs. Health care is thus avaiable to all New Zealand residents through a mixed private-public system. There is also a private medical system for those who do not want to wait for needed services as is often necessary in the state system or who want services not provided by the state system. The schools play a role cin the health care system. Most children get their medical care from a general practioner, but schools of any size have infirmeries for children if they get vsick at school. There may also be some medical checks at school, but we do not have details. There is free standard dental care for school age children. We believe that there were dental services perfornmed at schools, but as far as we can tell, this is no longer the case. Hopoefully, New Zealand readers can provide us more information.


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