New Zealand School Activities: Sports

Figure 1.-- These boys are participating in a cross country championship that took place in Otago Province, New Zealand. Most of the boys wear track shoes, someone runs barefoot, that is not unusual in New Zealand, and a boy is wearing "barefoot running shoes".

Sport is especially important at New Zealand schools. The mild climate permits sports to be played outdoors around the year. And the British colonial tradituions brought sports to New England with the first immigrants. And the New Zealand educational system was founded by British teachers. New Zealand it obe of the counries in the world most interested in sports. The most popular sport is Rugby. New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world where soccer is not the most popular sport. While Rugby is particularly important. New Zealanders enjoy a wide range of sports. And unlike the European countries, the schools play a major role in New Zealand sports. Here the pattern is different than in America. There are matches between schools, but these are much less hyped than in America. You do not see impressive school stadums for football games. It is not just the top atheletes in New Zealand that enjoy sport, but most schools have active intra-mural sports programs. Thus there are multiple teams for the major sports, giving any one interested tge opportunity to enjoy the sport. Schools have a wide range of sports facilities and grounds, but the focus is not on the top atheletes as in Anerica.


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