New Zealand School Uniform: Gym and Games

Figure 1.--New Zealand sports uniforms in recent years have become very stylish.

New Zealand boys wore the same gym and games (sports) uniforms as British boys. After World War II some differences have appeared showing the American influence and the introduction of American sports like basketball and baseball. These are minor sports and the uniforms for major sports continue to be similar to England as they are the same games played in England. Rugby dominates the New Zealand sports scene in New Zealand while in England it is an important, but not dominate sport. Probably no where else in the world is rugby as important as in New Zealand. In recent years the sports uniforms have become very stylish. One interesting aspect of the New Zealand school gym/sports scene is the effort to provide athletic opportunities to students of a wide range of athletic abilities. Thus schools generally organize a number of teams rather than just one team for the most talented atheletes. One of the most destinctive aspect of gym in New Zealand is the number of boys who play barefoot. In the United States and Euyropean countries this is not common. For one reason boys in other countries do not like going barefoot so much and for insurance and liability reasons, the schools would not let them.


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Created: November 3, 2001
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