Individual Australian School Uniforms: Kings School

Figure 1.--The boys at King School wear a very destintively styled blazer as well as short pants with a red stripe. This is their everyday uniform.

The Kings School is an Anglican boarding school locarted in Parramatta New South Wales. It is the oldest private boys school in Australia. The school was founded in 1831. An Australian reader tells us that it would be the equivalent of a U.S Military Academy. The educational program, however, seems to follow that of a traditional English prep school. The boys wear, however, a very destinctive uniform. Originally the uniform had reversed colors from the modern uniform. It was the same design, but but with grey trousers and a navy blue tunic both with the red trim. The metal buttons are embossed with the school crest. It is perhaps the most destinctive school uniform in Australia. I do not know if there are caps. They have destinctively styled blazers with a military look. The military features include epaulets, flap pockets, a belt element at the back and red embroidery on the sleeves. They wear dark blue or black shorts with a red military looking strip. The knee-length shorts help to date the image to about 2000. The kneesocks have two different widths of grey bands, matching the jackets. All wear black leather shoes. The school has a used clothing shop called the Clothing Pool.


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Created: August 17, 2001
Last updated: 11:49 PM 4/13/2011