Scottish Cadet Uniform: Service Branches

Figure 1.--The Cadet program is optional at this Scottish school. The boy on the right partuicipates in the Royal Air Force Cadet program and wears a blue grey beret and uniform. This is the same uniform worn in England.

The various services are involved in the Combibed Cadet Forces (CCF). It is a Ministry of Defense (MoD) program. Thus the Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force all have cadet ptograms with destinctive uniforms. Scottish boys in Army cadet programs wear the kilt as part of their dress uniform. The boys in the Navy and Air Force cadet programs, however, do not wear kilts as part of their dress uniforms. The kilt as far as we know is only worn by Army cadets.


The Army Cadet Forces (ACF) was the beginning of the modern Combined Cadet Forces (CCF) The uniforms have changed over time in keeoping with changes in the uniforms of the regular army. I am not sure when the cadet program began, but it was in existence by World War I. English and Scottish boys wore the same dress uniforms, except Scottish boys wore various types of Scottish caps and kilts. In recent years Scottish boys have generally worn Glengerry caps wth streamers. The work uniform is the same as the one worn by English cadets. In recent years this has been battle fatigues. The only difference in the work uniform is that Scottish boys wore their Glengerry caps while English boys wore berets.

Air Force

Scottish boys in Air Force Cadet programs in Scotland wear the same uniform as boys in England. The uniform consists of blue-grey berets, jumpers, and trousers. The kilt is not worn in the Royal Air Force. Thus the RAF Cadets do not wear kilts or Scottish caps for dress occassions.


HBC has no information at this time on Navy Cadet uniforms at Scottish schools. Scotland does not have the same naval tradition as England. Thus there may be a rather limited Naval Cadet tradition in Scotland. Like the Royal Air Force, the kilt is not worn in the Royal Navy, thus it is not worn in Naval Cadet programs either.


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Created: January 8, 2000
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