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Figure 1.--Unfortunately many available old school images are not identified. This photograph was taken at unidentified school in upstate New York. It appears to have been a small one-room rural school. The photograph was taken about 1900. Most but not all of the boys wear kneepants with dark long stockings. Note that only one of the boys wear knickers. At first I thought he had high boots, nut a reader believes he is wearing knickers andI think he is correct.

A good idea of fashion trends in America, as children at public schools did not wear uniforms, can be assessed by looking at what the children were wearing to school. Unfortunately many of the available images are not identified or are not dated, despite this, the images are very valuable views of children's fashion trends. HBC has acquired many images of American schools showing the clothing the children worn. While we do not know the names of these schools or the location, we can estimate the date and classify them as urban or rural schools. Sometimes other information can be discerned from the photograph. Here we havec archived images that are dated, but not identified. We will also included the unidentified images if they are dated.

The 19th Century

The 20th Century

The 21st Century

Armenian Sister's Academy (2005)

A HBC reader has mentioned the Armenian Sisters Academy. The school is a pre-school amd kindergarden in Randor, Pennsylvania. The school was the inspiration of Msgr. Stephen Stepanian, pastor of St. Mark's Armenian Catholic Church in Philadelphia. Stepanian asked Rome for nuns to staff the school. Sister Valentine, Sister Hripsime and Sister Arousiag arrived in 1963 to start an Armenian day school which the Armenian community had wanted for decaded. The first Ammenian say school on the East coast was finally opened with 12 children (1967). The school was important because it provided the vehicle to pass on the Armenian language, history and culture. The Armenian Sisters Academy seeks to preserve the Armenian heritage.

Good Shepard Lutheran School (2000s)

We see the the children at the Good Shepherd Lutheran School, a private school in Columbia, Missouri. The Catholics operate the largest non-publoc school system in the United States, bu many other religious groups , like the Lutherans, also operate schools. The school has a "pioneer school day". To make their experience of the life of pioneer-age schoolchildren as authentic as possible, the girls wear long dressed and sunbonnets. The boys wear less accurate shirts and jeans. All the children attend classes barefoot. They also use slates and chalk.


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