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Figure 1.--This class portrait from a Massachsets school shows a typical class of American second graders at a public school in 1955-56.

A good idea of fashion trends in America, as children at public schools did not wear uniforms, can be assessed by looking at what the children were wearing to school. One section in HBC-SU where you can do this is by looking at individual schools. Unfortunately many of the available images are not identified or are not dated, despite this, the images are very valuable views of children's fashion trends. But there are so many school images that we have been to find identified schools and either images that atr dated or we have been able to date. Here we will archive information about schools by school name, chronology and school types. Thisection is very useful in following dashion trends, especially as buying new schools clothes with up-to-date styles becamne an annual ritual for American children. We encourage readers to comment on the styles they recognize from their schooldays.

School Name

Here is a list of schools alphabetized by school name. Unfortunately for many images we have collected, we do not know the name of the school. We will add images of schools which are identified by name as well as schools about which we have obtained information. Readers are invited to contribute here information and images about their schools and school experiences. We certaonly hope if readers find their school listed here that they will provide us some information on it.


HBC has acuired many images of American schools showing the clothing the children worn. While we do not know the names of these schools or the location, we can estimate the date and classify them as urban or rural schools. Sometimes other information can be discerned from the photograph. Here we havec archived images that are dated, but not identified. We will also included the unidentified images if they are dated.

School Types

Here we will achive schools by type. Unfortunatly many images acquired by HBC do not idebntify the school type, but in most cases are public (state) schools. Here we will archive both public and private schools, parochial schools, military schools, urban and rural schools, and other tyoes of schools.

Unidentified Schools

We have found some American school images that we can't readily identify. Most American school images even when not identified are relativelky easy to assess as to the type of school. The vast majority of course were public schools. The United States had the larggst public school system in the world which unlike European systems made in relatively easy to attend beyond primarily levvels, although it was not until after World war II that most of the population children attended secondary schools (high schools). The type of American schools are realtively easy to identify by assessing age. Private schools are also generally easy to identify because they were commonly single gender schools and the students especially well dressed. There were of course exceptions. Some public schools had dress codes. We will load the images we are having trouble with here.


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