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Figure 1.--HBC has acquired a substantial number of school photographs. Unfortunately many are not identified as is the case of this school group. It looks to be te children from the one-romm school that is seen in the background. The photograph was taken about 1900 in upsate New York. Notice one boy wearing a Fauntleroy suit.

A good idea of fashion trends in America, as children at public schools did not wear uniforms, can be assessed by looking at what the children were wearing to school. Unfortunately many of the available images are not identified or are not dated, despite this, the images are very valuable views of children's fashion trends. Here is a list of schools alphabetized by school name. Unfortunately for many images we have collected, we do not know the name of the school. We will add images of schools which are identified by name as well as schools about which we have obtained information. Readers are invited to contribute here information and images about their schools and school experiences. We certaonly hope if readers find their school listed here that they will provide us some information on it or sens along information about their own schools.






Numbered Schools

Most American schools had names. Small rural schools took on the name of the locality. Most other schools named schools in honor of some local or national dignitary. Parochial schools were named after saints. Some cities used numbers. New York City identified their schools as P.S. (punlic school) and the number. We have archived those schools in the "P" section. We may eventually shift them here. Other schools were identified just as School and a number. It is possible that these were formally P.S. schools and the person who wrote the note hust did not use the P.S. Pr perhaps cities just varied on this convention. Here often we do not know the locality.

Unknown Schools

We have found some school images which we can not identify. Even though we do not know the name of the schools, they still provide in teresting chronolgical and regional glimses of American school fashion.


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