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Most American schools had names. Small rural schools took on the name of the locality. Most other schools named schools in honor of some local or national dignitary. Parochial schools were named after saints. Some cities used numbers. New York City identified their schools as P.S. (punlic school) and the number. We have archived those schools in the "P" section. We may eventually shift them here. Other schools were identified just as School and a number. It is possible that these were formally P.S. schools and the person who wrote the note hust did not use the P.S. Pr perhaps cities just varied on this convention. Here often we do not know the locality.

School Number 45 (1937)

This is School No. 45, but we do not know where. New York City was known for numbering its schools, but this was not exclusive to New York. It looks like a leafy part of the city. The photograph was taken at the end of th 1936-37 school year--June 1937. It looks to be a 8 year elementary school. This was class 8A. *th graders would be children 13-4 years old. But it could not hv been a class room group bcause there are some 60 children here, too many for a single class. The photographer has grouped the girls in the middle surrounded by the boys. The girls wear dresses. The boys mostly wear suits . or dress sgirts and ties. A few noys wear open collared shirts. Presumably most of the childrn drssed up for the class portrait. All of the boys except one boy wars long oabts. One boys wear a knickers suit. Knickrs were going ou of style, but we still see them into the early-40s.


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