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nursery school facilities
Figure 1.--Here we see a nursery school that had a wonder outdoor play area for the children. Notice that unlike many nursery schools the boys abnd girks are not clustering separarely, but all are joining into the fun. The photograph is not dated, but looks like the 1910s.

Facilities for these schools varied widely. Some were very basic. Others had surprisingly elaborate facilities for the children. This included both indoor and outdoor facilities. Of course this varied ober time, but it is something we can follow closely with the photographic record. It offers details not only on the physical facilities, but what is going on at these schools. Here we see a nursery school that had aonder outdoor play area for the children (figure 1). On the previous page we see a charming photo taken in 1934 of three nursery-school age children (about 4 years old) in their communal bathroom (figure 1). It is certainly a well-appointed schhool for the little ones. All seem to be boys because they all wear short pants, although the longer hair style of the middle child might indicate that this is a girl. Two of the boys wear button-on suits with matching tops and short trousers, ankle socks and low cut shoes. The child in the center wears a longish jacket over shorts, long tan stockings with supporters, and highshoes. The precise location of the school isn't clear, but this nursery school seems to be located somewhere near Ithaca, New York. It may have had a connection with the School of Ecology and Human Development at Cornell University which sponsored various experimental schools as part of its research program. This may explain the rather elsborate facilities. The clothing seems to be very typical of four-year-olds in the eastern part of the country--upper New York state, 1934.


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