** English H-bar shorts

English Short Pants/Trousers: Types--H-bar Shorts

Figure 1.--Here we see an unidentified Englidsh boy wearing a smart casual H-bar shorts outfit. Ntice the Peter Pan collar blouse. uspender shorts. He looks to be about 5-years old. Tbe snapshot is undated, but looks like it was taken about 1960.

H-bar shorts are essentially a type of suspender shorts with a cross strap added to keep the suspender straps from slipping over the the shoulders. Like suspender shorts, we see fewer examples in England than in Continental countries, especially Germany and Central and Eastern Europe. Like suspender shorts, the purpose was to help younger boys wiuth narrow waists hold up their pants children. Whike we do not see many, like suspender shorts we do see some examples. After World War II both H-bar and suspender shorts began to go out of style. This was in part beczuse elaticized boxer shorts appeared. Suspender shorts continued to be made for younger boys' suits, but H-har shorts largedly disappeared.


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