Australian Rules Football: Schools

Figure 1.--This photo was taken in 1955 at Hendra State School, a primary school. Hendra is a suburb of the city of Brisbane, Queensland. It shows the school Australian football team. Hendra was one of Australia's earlist public schools..

Schools play an important role in footy as is the case of most Australian sports. This is different than the situation in Europe where we see sports clubs often providing opportunities for youth sport rather than schools. European schools fulfill a primarily academic role. Australian schools follow a more American approach with a range of extra-curricuar activities, especially sports. Thus we see many Australian schools with footy teams. We are not sure about primary schools We do see some primary school teams like the one here (figure 1). School teams were standard in secondary schools. Matches are not quite the major event we see im America, but schools do play each other. This inclues both school teams and intramural teams so that children of varying abilities can enjoy the sport.


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