Soccer Uniforms: Half-side Soccer

Figure 1.--Soccer uniforms have allways involved jersies, short pants, and kneesocks. The jersies and shorts in recent years have become large and baggy. The kneesocks have not changed greatly.

We notice some boys playing with smaller teams. This is essentially soccer played with teams a half the size of standard teams. Five-a-side soccer seems the most common, but we also notice six-a-side soccer. The rules for both are essentially the same. We are not sure just what the purpose of six-a-side soccer. Ir allows smaller groups to play and perhaps more playing time for the participants. The basic differences from standard soccer are: a smaller pitch, smaller goals, and a shorter matches. In many ways this is ideal for children, but adults also play. Matches locations arev much more flexible meaning that they can be staged in many different sreas. Matches are played both indoors and outdoors. AstroTurf or other artificial grass pitches are built and can be enclosed within a barrier or cages. This prevents the ball from leaving the playing area and helps keeping the game flowing. Perhaps our reader will know more. A British reader reports that six-a-side soccer is popular in Britain. This also seems popular in other European couintries. As far as we can tell, the uniforms are the same as in regular soccer.


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Created: 1:53 AM 6/27/2004
Last updated: 8:29 PM 12/12/2010