Boys Knitted Wear: Knitsuits

This boys wears a fancy knitted suit with unusual double breasted button styling. I believe this is an American boy, but cannot be positive.

Other knit suits were made for older boys. They were not suits in the sence of formal suits, but only in the sence of having the shirts and pants, almost always short pants, of matching materials and colors.


Knit suits are generally made for younger boys. Most are made for boys before school age, but some knit suits were made for boys as old as 7 or even 8 years, but rarely older.


The styling of knit suits is often quite simple. This is in part because many skilled mothers could do their own knitting. This was especially true in the years before World War II when it was less common for mothers to work outside the home. Knits suits were, however, somewhat complicated to make. Many were purchased. The suits bought in stores could be somewhat more complicated, even with elaborate styling.


Shirts were made with both short and long sleeves.


The knit suit consists of a shirt and pants. The long sleeve style is more common. The shirt was usually made to be worn without another shirt underneath. A few suit shirts, however, were sometimes made to be worn with another shirt, much like a sweater.


The pants for knits suits are primarily short pants, especially in Britain and America. The style is generally shorter shorts. Knit suits have become less popular in the 1990s as the longer styled shorts appeared. Long pants knit suits also exist and are particularly popular in the Scandinavian countries.


Knit suits for babied existed in the late 19th Century. The style did not begin to become poular for older children, until the 1910s, especially after World War I (1914-18). Knitted suits were extensively worn in the 1920s and the style remained popular until the 1950s, ven by some younger school age boys. Beginning in the 1960s it became less common for school age boys to wear them. By the 1970s knitted suits were still made, but only for very young children. The chronological pattern varies somewhat by country. Knitted suits did not become popular in Japan, for example, until the 1950s. They continued to be worn by younger school age boys through the 1970s, but began to decline in popularity in the 1980s, except for very young children.


I know that kitted suits were worn in America and Britain, probably more so in Britain. There were also popular in Japan. They appear to have also been especially popular in several European countries. other European countries like the France, Netherlands and Germany. I believe they were also popular in Scandanavia, perhaps Poland, the Baltics, and Russia as well, but HBC have few details at this time.


The colors employed in knot suits has been primarily pastels. White has also been popular. Brighter colors are often most used for the suits worn by younger children while the older boys seem to prefer more muted colors.


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Created: August 1, 1999
Last updated: 5:55 PM 2/21/2010