* ethnic costumes : Amish hair cuts

The Amish: Hair Cuts

Figure 1.--This Amish boy wears a typical hair cut with bangs. Also notice the suspender pants with buttons.

We do not have a great deal of information about Amish hair cuts yet. As far as I can tell, most Amish boys have their hair cut in bangs. They look like bowl cuts produced by mothers. Not all boys have their hair cut this way, but it seems quite common. There are differences. The front bangs are cut in a variety of ways. The major differences, however, is the length of the hair att the sides. Some boys have hair over their ears whilr oyjrtrs boys have shorter cuts. Older boys and men more commonly part their hair in the middle and comb over the side to cover the ears. Here we need more information to confirm the common hair styles. This was a destinctive style for boys. The clothing Amish boys wore was essentially the same as their father's wore. Their hair, however, was styled differently.


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