German Single Bar Sandals: Hosiery

Figure 1.--Here a boy is working with an abacus at home. Both he and his sister wear white knee socks. He wears "T" strap sandals and she wears oxfords. The snapshot is undated, but we would guess was taken in the 1940s or early 50s.

We notice boys wearing a variety of hosiery with closed-toe sandals. Knee socks seem quite common. This may because that sandals were most commonly worn during the summer when long-stockings were less commonly worn. And when closed-toe sandals were most common before and just after Workd War II, ankle socks were just beginning to be popular. We notice boys wearing both colored and whiye knee socks with closed-toe sandals. Quite a few boys wore white knee socks which were not at all common in England where closed-toe sandals were very commonly worn. Long stockings might be wirn for more formal occassions, but here other styles of footwear were more common such as single-bar strap shoes. The closed-toe sandal was seen as more of a casual shoe which affected the choice of hosiery.


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Created: 5:58 PM 6/1/2009
Last updated: 5:58 PM 6/1/2009