Tube Socks: Ages

Figure 1.--Here we see an Indiana family wearing many popular styles of the 1960s. They stand in front of the family station wagon and camper in 1976. Notice the style of short shorts worn with knee length tube socks with colored stripes around the top. Boys of different ages wear them. One of the boys wears plain white tube socks with a tank top with the word Brazil on it (an Indiana town). The red and white tube socks are influenced by loyalty to the Indiana University basket ball team (the school colors). Notice the blue jean cutoffs worn by a high school boy. Also notice the flared jeans abd girl's bib-front shorts. Notice only the boys wear the tube socks. Click on the image for a fuller discussion.

Tube socks were worn by boys of all ages wearing shorts. They were most poular with pre-teen and early teen age boys, but older teenagers and men also wore them. The Indiana family here is a good example of the age range involved (figure 1). Tube socks appeared at a time when more American boys were wearing shorts, even older teenagers. They werre wearing some of the casual, athletically styled shorts that younger boys were also wearing. While tune socks were most common with school-age boys, we see them being widely worn by teenagers, especially boys intetested in sports.


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Created: 12:29 AM 9/9/2006
Last updated: 4:12 PM 9/9/2006