Tube Socks: Colors

Figure 1.--Here chuldren are lined up for the Captain Caveman ride at the King Dominion Amusement Park. Two of the boys wear cut-off shirts with tune socks. The snapshot is undated,, but looks like the 1970s.

Tube socks were usually white socks that came with color bands in a variety of colors at the top. Some were all white, but the ones with colored bands were more popular. They could be done in team colors for sports teams and as they became popular, boys would chosee popula team colors, both university and professional teams. Professiomnal football (Amercan football) colors were popular. This was not limited to basketball and soccer teams. Less common were dark blue socks with colored bands. Nearly all the socks had ribbed elastic stay-up bands, which varied in width of about 2 inches to the enite leg portion of the socks, and this elastic portion had one or more colored rings (stripes), usually not more than 2 colors, but the numbers and widths and patterns of rings varied greatly. One HBC contributor reports that his neighborhood recreation center would hold various games and contests, one of which was to find the boy who had the most rings in his socks, and the winner would frequently have 15 or more rings. They counted the intervening white rings between the colored rings. The idea would be to coodimate the band color with the shirt and shorts as we see with the boy on the previous page. This did not always happen, but it was common.


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Created: 10:20 AM 7/22/2017
Last updated: 10:20 AM 7/22/2017