** boys strap shoes: ages

Strap Shoes: Ages

Figure 1.--Here we see a European boy with his sail boat, we think in the 1930s. He looks to be about 6 yeras old. We are not sure where it was taken, but think it might be Serbia in Yugoslavia. A reader agrees. He writes, "You are correvt. The boy is Serbian. The fishing boat gives it away. This type of craft fished the river Sava and the Danube."

Strap shoes are a classic shoe style that are still commonly worn. They have bee vworn by both boys and girls. There are, however, substanial gender differences as to age. We note younger children, both boys and girls, wearing strap shoes. This was because yonger children could put on strap shoes by themselves. Children speaking, children do not kearn how to tie shoe laces until they are about 6 years old. This has varies chrnologically. We see boys and girls commonly wraring strap shoes in the early-20th century, bu after the early-20th-century this becomes much less common in America. Boys continued to wear thhem more commonly in Europe. This varied country by country. But in some countries we see primary school age boys wearing them. After World War II we no longer see them very commonly in Europe as well. Here there were also social class difference. We see some wealthu children wearing more commonly then was the general population. The convention for girls was entirely different. Not only did pre-school girls wear strap shoes, but they were also worn by older girls. And this was not hust primsry school sge girls, although they were he most common. Girls of all ages worn them. Strap shoes became seen as a girls' style. This continues to be the case today.


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