boy ringlet curls

Figure 1.--J.K. Stevens and Son in Chicago specilized in children photograaphy. This boy looks to be 5-6 years old and wears a facy Fauntleroy blouse with an elaborate ringlet hair do. The portrait is undted, but looks to have been taken in the late 1880s. The boy's name may have been Waterman.

Fauntleroy Suits Worn With Various Ringlet Curl Styles

We not only note various types of Fauntleroy suits, but various hair styles. Ringlets curls done in various ways were common in America. Less so in Europe. Some ringlet curls were very basic with plains bangs fronts. Other ringlet curls hair do were much more complicated with very long curls, hair bws, and curls on the crown as well. These were usually American hair styles. Often these fancy hair styles were combined with very fancy Fauntleroy suits.


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