Figure 1.--The portrait of this unidentified American boy is undated. But the toy looks rather like Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis". Thus we would guess the portrait was taken in the late-1920s, probably 1928-29. The fact that it is a biplane rather comclusively suggests it was not taken much ealier. He looks to be about 4 yeas old and wears a button-on outfit.

U.S. Boys' Ringlet Curl Chronology: The 1920s

Short hair for boys, even younger boys, became increasingly standard after World War I in the 1920s. This paralleled the trend for more informal clothing as well. We only rarely see boys with ringlet curls after World War I. Before the War most boys wore short hair, but there were quite a number of boys in the photographic record with ringlets, a small percentage but still a relatibely large number. Long ringlets were, however, rarely seen by the 1920s. We do see qquite a number of short ringlets or boys with curly hair. Here we are takjing about younger boys, nostly roddlers. These younger boys mostly did not have the long ringlets worn previously. Establish fashions have a habit of persisting. Thus ringlets did not entirely disappewar in the 1920s. We have found a few portraits of boys wearing long ringlets. A good examole is an unidentified family. The portrait is undated, but looks kike the late-1920s tonus. We think the youngest child is a boy, also wear white short pants is a boy. Biys with long ringlets were rather rare by the late-20s, but certainly not unknown. They are all pre-school boys. They seem to be all boys from wealthy or at least families in comfortable circustances, but our archive is too limited to make any firm assessment.


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