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Girls Hair Styling

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Figure 1.--Mothers put great effprt into doing their daughter's hair. Notice mother's long hair. Despite this, there is virtually no evidence of this in the 19th century photographic record which is largely studio photography. This studio portrait is thus very interesting. While posed it shows the acticity and instruments. The dealer suggests that mother is braiding. We wonder if she is not curling. The studio was Rollow's Art Car.

Girls' hair styling can take consideranle time. Boys might comb their hair and ne ready to go in a minute or two, even for formal occassions. This was not the case for girls, especially girls with long hair. This had to be brushed daily. Here for girls, mother had to help. Only by the teen years were girls able to do this without any help. And if any kind of fancy haor styling was chosen, the time involved could be much longer. This was especially the case for ringlet curls. It could take an hour or more to curl hair and was aainstaking effort. And the curling did not last long and had to be repeated to make the curls last long. Other hair styles like braiding also took some time. For girls this was an importnt activity for mother and daughter. Other styles like pig tails took a lot less time, but whatever the style it was much more of an effort than what the boys put into their hair.


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