English Boys' Hair Styles: Bangs/Fringe

Figure 1.--This detail from a portrait taken at an English village school in the early 1900s is a good relection of popular styles for boys and girls. Notice the diffrent way the bangs were done. For more views at this school, click on the image. Image courtesy if the MD collection.

Bangs are a popular hair style for boys, including English boys. The English term for bangs was 'fringe'. There are a range of styles for bangs. Some bangs were done very sharply. Others were more of a roughly done effort, in part because sharpky cut bangs becamne rougher as the hair grew. And biys varied as to how frequently their hair was cut. They were done with other style elements, including both longh and short styles. The chronology is another topic of interest. We are not yet sure about the chgronology of bangs. It is a topic we are working on. We have little information on the 19th century. Bangs were very commonly worn by primary school age boys in the 20th century, especially the younger boys. This means the age at which mother determined how the boy's hair was cut without any real consultation with the boy. As they got older boys were more likely to wear hair styles with parts like a short back and side cut. Many turn of the 20th century school portraits show boys in bangs and girls with long hair, although there were many exceptions here. A good example is the photograph from an English village school in the early 1900s (figure 1). Popularity and age convetions varied over time. Notably the Beatles started out with bangs, although the length of their hair (rather modest at first) at the time elicted the mosr comment. Girls also wore bangs, but it was less common as center parts were so common for girls.


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Created: 6:12 AM 2/18/2014
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