U.S. Knickers: Usage

Figure 1.--er are not sure just what this group was. The boys have tags of some sort. But it does show that knickers were worn in informal situations and not just the many formal studio portraits we have archived. The kneesocks the boys are wearing suggest that the snapshot was taken in the 1930s and the fact that they are all wearing knickers suggests the early-30s.

The first knickers we note boys wearing seem to have been the pants that came with suits. We often see pants offered separately, but the suits seem to get more attention in advertisements and catlogs. Often boys had aood suit and the panys from an old suit were worn for casual wear. We see the sandard boys suit from the 1910s through the 30s was a dark knicker suit. There were lighter colors as well, but a boys standard suit was a dark one, commonly worn with dark long stockings. A good example are the knickers suits boys in 1932 wore got their confirmation. Boys by the 1920s began to get knickers that did not come with suits and this became common in the 1930s. They were not seasonal wear, boys wore them in both summer and winter. Long stockings were worn with then even during the summer. This began to change in the 1930s. Knee socks replaced long stocking in the 1930s and we begin to see boys wearing ankle socks during the summer. Many boys wore corduroy knickers to school. Knickers did not, however, have any specific use profiles, they were simply the standard pants worn by boys for about three decades. Boys might have different suits many the jackets where most of the styling was, but knickers were worn with all the different suit types, regardless of the occassion or other usage. Along with the flat cap these became iconic schoolwear. Some parents bought suits with long pants amd knickers. We are now sure how they wound up being used.


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