Suspender Pants: Country Trends

suspender shorts
Figure 1.--This German boy in the early 1950s wear suspender shorts. Notice that they also came with belt loops. I think this was so they could be worn even after the suspebders were taken off.

We notice suspender pants being worn inm many different countries. The chronological trends and the types of suspender pants varied substantially from country to country. Suspender pants appear to have been most common in Germany and Austria as well as several other European countries. They were not equally popular throughout Europe. We tend to see them less in Scandinavia and Britain than in many other countries. We see Swedish boys wearing suspender pants, but a review of school photographs suggest that they were not very common. A good example here is a Swedish school class in 1952. They were also worn in America, but to a lesser extent than in Europe. We notice them being worn in Japan, but suspender skirts for girls seem to have been more common than susprnder pasnts in Japan.


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Created: 12:41 AM 12/23/2007
Last updated: 12:41 AM 12/23/2007