Little Lord Fauntleroy Blouses: Collar Sizes

Figure 1.--This American boy wears a fancy ruffled Fauntleroy blouse with lace trim. This blouse has an especially large collar and matching front button and cuff trim. Notice the thick ringlets and stripped stockings. This photograph was probably taken about 1890. His mother has carefully arranged his ringlets and stifflybstarched the collar so it stands up.

The Fauntleroy blouses varied graeatly. Many were hand sewn, although there were also less expensive ready made versions available. There were Fauntleroy blouses with modest collars, but medium and large sized collars appear to have been more popular--at least with the doting mothers of the era.

Small Collar

The least popular type of Fauntleroy collar was the small collars that only extended beyond the edge of the jacket at the collar. These collars might be 2 to 4 centimeters wide. Collrs that were all lace, especially expensive real lace were most likely to have small collars. Boys with small real lace collars were less likelt to wear large floppy bows than the boys wearing blouses with larger collars.

Medium Collar

Faunteroy blouses with medium size collars were those with collars that extended about half way to the shoulders of the velvet jacket. Fauntkeroy blouses with these medium-size blouses were most common after the turn of the 20th century.

Large Collar

It was the Fauntleroy blouse with the large collars that were most popular during the classic Fauntleroy era, from about 1885-1895. These collars were mostly ruffled with lace trim. After the turn of the 20th century, the lace trim became less common. These large collars extended toward the edge of the boys' shoulders, some even fell down over the shoulders. Others were more stifly starched to make them hold up and not fall down on the jacket. These large collars were commonly worn with very large floppy bows. American boys wearing large collared Fauntleroy blouses were the most likely to wear ringlet curls. HBC estimates, based on an assessment of available photographic images, that about one-third of the boys wearing these blouses in America also wore long ringlet curls.

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Created: December 6, 1999
Last updated: December 6, 1999