Lace Collars: Crochet Lace

Figure 1.--It is difficult to tell the type of lace from a portrait. The America boy here seems to have a crocheted lace collar with his dress. It seems to be done yarn with rather than delicate thread. .

The lace collar pages of HBC have proven particularly difficult. This is because we know virtually nothing about lace. As a result, analizing the available images is extremely difficult. HBC has had a difficult time assessing the different types of lace. A few are relatively easy to identify, some much more difficult. One type of lace is crocheted lace, that is lace produced by crocheting. The authots believe that crocheted lace was most likely to have been made by a boys mother or other family member. We believe that the crocheted lace is relatively easy to identify because of its more crude, rougher appearance--although this may be because HBC simply does not fully understand this type of lace. The thread used for crichetiung tends to be heavy. We have, hiwever, seen some very intricate crocheted lace. These crocheted collars also appear larger than many other types. Crocheted lace appears to have been done in several differet countries. Crocheting lace is still a popular craft activity. A hufe number of patterns are available. Few of these patterns are for lace collars, however, as they are so rarely worn in our modern era, even by women


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Created: December 27, 1998
Last updated: December 27, 1998