** American Peter Pan Collars: Clothing Styles--Juvenile Suits

American Peter Pan Collars: Clothing Styles--Juvenile Suits

Figure 1.--This unidentified American colorized potraigt was oprobbly taken in the 1910s. Notice the girl's huge hair bows. We are not sdure how to described the boys outfit, kind of a tunic-influenced Oliver Twist suit. Ot has a large Peter Pn collar. We think it probably was not attached to a blouse. Notice the modest-sized bow under the collar. The children look to be 1-7 years old. Long stoickings wre still cvommon in gthe 1920s, but only younger boys wore white long stovkings.

A variety of informal suits appeared for boys in the 1900s-20s. Many were utilitarian informal suits wehich could be worn for play or dressing up. They did not include jackets which were an important part of standasd suits. They could also be worn for a variety of informal occasions. We note American boy Tinsley Armstrong wearing some sort of play suit with a Peter Pan collar about 1910. They included both tunic suits, Buster Brown suits, and Oliver Twist suits. There styling was highly variable with different collars used, but among the many different collar styles were Peter Pan collars. Here Peter Pan collars were just one of the collar choices. Some had large collars. Conventions for dressing up boys were changing. These suits could be used for smart casual occassions that earlier would have required a more formal suit. By the 1910s, knickers were standard for American boys, but many of these suits involved knee pants which continud to be worn for younger boys a while longer. Tunic suits are somewhat of an exception. Here bloomer knickers were more common.


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