*** French kilts -- chronology Frances costume d'inpitation écossaise

Figure 1.--This unidentified Lyon boy is wearing a plain kilt suit. He looks to be about 5-years ol and has kind of a pull-over rather than a jacket top, but wiorn with a small Eron collar and bow. The CDV is uindated, but looks klike the 1860s or early-70s to us. The studio was P. Bellingard in Lyon.

French Kilts: Chronology--The 1860s

Parisian fashion magazines depict boys wearing Scottish kilts with full Highland regalia during the 1860s. We know much more about the 1860s, primarily because the CDV emerged as an important photographic format. And they were made in much larger numbers than Dags and Ambros. Thus we see some French boys wearing kilt outfits in the photographic records. We not only see Highland kilt outfits, but we also begin to see the nmore restrained kilt suits with out many of the Highland fashion elements. We do not yet have a good feel for the prevalence of kilt outfits. We think that they were primarily worn by boys from affluent, fashionable families. It was, however, not a style limitd to fashionable Paris. We see kilt outfits worn in provincial cities as well, but again mostly affluent families. Our French archive is not yet large enough to give a very good idea about the prevalence of these garments, but clearly they were worn. We suspect that the kilt suits were more common than the more elaborate High land outfits, but can not yet confirm this.


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