Kilt Suits and Jacketed Dresses

Figure 1.--We think the child here is a boy wearing a jacketed dress rather than a kilt suit. Notice there is no clearly defined jacket. This boy was from Shelbyville, Illinois.

It is not always easy to descriminate betwwn kilt suits and jacketed dresses. A kilt suit was a two-piece and often a three-piece suit with the addition of a vest. A dress was of course a one-pece garment. Some dresses were made to look like they consisted of and jacket, vest, and skirt. The way it was sewed together it was difficult to tell that it was not a kilt suit. Some dresses fall straight down from the bodice. These are easy to identify as dresses. Other dresses in the late-19th century were more complicated. The bodice bodice was made to look like a jacket. We see this construction used for dresses made for both boys and girls.While it is not always possible to distinguish between the kilt suits and jacketed dresses, often it is oossible to identify the proper separate kilt suit jacket.


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