American Kilt Suits: Style--Eton Collars

Figure 1.--This cabinet card portait shows an unidentified boy wearing an elegant kilt suit with an Eton collar and floppy bow. Notice the classic Eton collar. The portrait is undated, but the styles and card mount suggest the 1880s. The name 'Julia' is written on the back of the card, we suspect that this is his mother's name. The studio was Lewis in Nyack, New York.

We also notice kilt suits done with Eton collars. we think that proper Eton collars meaning large stiff collars, presumably detachable collars, appeared in the 1880s. This needs to be confirmed and we are working on it as HBC expands. We see Eton shaped collars earlier, but not the large classic Eton collrs. Mothers also began adding large floppy bows in the 1880s. Various jackets were used with Eton collars. Unlike sailor and Fauntleroy jackets, there were no specilized jackets worn with Eton collars, but these collars do give a destinctive look. And they became more popular than Eton collars after Mrs. Burnett published her booj in 1885. The same of course is true of Fauntleroy collars because thee collars are such striking stylistic elements. The kilt suit jackets worn with Eton collars is a topic we have only begun to investigate.


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