Little Lord Fauntleroy Suits: Other Aspects

Figure 1.--These American boys wear identical Fauntleroy suits. There mother, however, has kept one boy in ringlets and another boy in a short hair cut. This may have been so she could tell them apart. Perhaps it was done just for the portrait so she would have a record of both hair styles.

HBC has noted a variety of other aspects related to the Little Lord Fauntleroy suits. We have collected the various observations and accounts here. Many are based on an analysis of available images, but we hope to also obtain contemporary written accounts as well.


One interesting questions is how did mothers with twins outfit their sons. Mothers choosing Fauntleroy suits did not often choose different types or styles of Fauntleroy suits. Usually the boys wore identical suits. There were, however, small ways that she coul change their atire to make it easy to tell who is who. The most common may have been floppy bows of a different color or pattern. The boys here wear absolutely identical Fauntleroy suits down to the bittons and trim. The only difference HBC can note that the floppy collar bows appear to be different colors. Waist sashes were another possibility, but these were not as commonly worn as floppy collar bows.

HBC can only speculate as to why the boys have different hair styles.
Identity: One HBC reader speculates that at least one resourceful mom found and interesting was to tell them apart: one wears short hair the other long curls and hair bow. Now boys would have been unlikely to have minded wearing different color or patterned bows. One has to wonder about a boy who had to wear ringlets while his twin had a short hair cut. One also wonders how she decide which boy wore the ringlets and how long this difference was continue.
Record: This enterprising Mother may have figured out a way, in a single photo setting, to show the boys both before and after their first haircuts. HBC speculates that this is the more likely reason fir the difference. The portrait was perhaps done just so the mother would have a record of both hair styles. The second boy p-robably had his hair cut immediately after the portrait. It would still have been interesting to know how the mother explained this to the boys and how the boy to have his hair cut first was selected.

One also has to wonder about what conversations went on between the boys. The boy in ringlets may not have appreciated this portrait when it was placed in the familt albumn for visitors to see.


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Created: March 18, 2001
Last updated: March 18, 2001