Boys' Vest: Color and Material

Figure 1.--This is a modern painting, we think a recreation of an earlier psinting. The artist is only identified as Julian (1958- ). It looks to us as a fairly modern depiction of a late 19yth century suit. The suit itself suggests an older boy. The ruffled collar a younger boy. Note the matching vest.

We have noted vests both made in the same material and colo as the suit or in contrasting material and colors. Some times the contrast was very sharp with bright colors and bold patterns. And we notice different materials. A typical vest is made out of two different fabrics. The front might be made in the same material as the suit jacket. The back is commonly made out of satin or some other finished material. It was fashionable in the mid-19th century to make the vests in contasting colors and patterns. We note bright colors and bold patterns at mid-century. They might also be made in different materials. An example is an unidntified American boy about 1850. Not all vests were done like that. Even at mid-century we see vests done in the same material as the jacket. A good example is an unidentified American boy about 1850. By the end of the century the more consevative approach of the same material and color became the standard. During the Christmas holiday season, especilly by the mid-20th century, a vest in a festive contrasting color might be worn.


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