** Italian sailor suits: coordinted outfits

Italian Sailor Suits: Coordinated Outfits

Figure 1.--Here we have three Italian boys with an older girl. Three of them wear sailor outfits . One wears a tunic outfit. The photograph is undated, but was with other photoiraphs dated 1917-19.

Some mothers liked to dress all the kids in identical or coordinated outfits. Wesee thius in Italy, but are unsure to what extent it was more oir less popular than other couintries. Most outfits limited this because girls did not wear pants and boys in the 20th century did not wear dresses. Age and gender conventions this meant that only a narrow ahe band could be used for mamy outfits and gender conventions were also an issue. The sailor suit as it could be worn by both boys and giorls for a wide age range. Thus we notice images of mothers dressiung the kids in sailor suits. Some times all the sailor suits are identical or a least coorduinated. Identical outfits would have most likely have to be purcased at the same time. In some families all the children had sailor suits, but not necesarily identicalm outfits. This of coure varied from family to family. The families involved look to be affluent middle- or upper-class families.


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