** French sailor suits: garments -- headwear

French Sailor Suits: Garments--Headwear

Figure 1.--This CDV portrait of an unidentied French boy looks to be about 6 years old. GgHe wears a wide-brimmed sailor hat with an elabiorate sailor suit. It does not have a V-front, but does have a back flap and elaborate use of trioe detailing. He has a scarfe and what looks lik an ancjor on a sah. His wide-brimmed straw sailor hat is dome in two colors. Also note the streamers. We are not sure about the date, but would guess about 1880. The dealer estimated 1990. The studio was Albert in Marsille.

Although not always pictured with a sailor suit, the sailor hat or cap was an important part of these outfits. Thus we need to asess the headwear worn with sailor suits. This was particularly true in the 19th and early-20th century when wearing caps and hats was more common than is the case today. Weare not entirelybsure as to the range of headwear worn with the outfits. French boys wore many kinds of straw hats with their sailor suits, including the traditional wide-brimmed style with ribbon streamers. They also wore an exclusively French style of cap, copying the hats of French sailors--soft white caps with red pompoms like the caps worn by French sailors. We do not have a lot of examples as our French archive is still fairly limited. This also limits our ability to assess chronolgical trends. We suspect that tams were worn, but we do not yet have examples to confim this.


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