German Sailor Suits: 20th Century--Post-World War II Era (1945-70)

Figure 1.--Here we see a formal German family portrait, probably in the early-1950s. Their little boy sports a traditional sailor suit. We have found only a few examples of sailor suits in Germnany after the War.

The once popular sailor suit was rarely seen in Germany after the end of World war II. German boys after the War, even younger boys, did not commonly wear sailor suits. Where once the sailor suit was a major style for even younger-teenagers, suddenly We see very few examples in the photographic record. he shift is quite sharp in the photiographic recrd. The sailor suit did not dissapear entirely. Some younger boys were still dressed in sailor suits, but not very many. We see a few examples in formal family portrits, but not informal snapshots. We see only a few school-age boys and no older boys at all. This was a continuation of the trend during the 1930s when fewer boys wore sailor suits, but much more definitive. Usually major changes in fashion trends are gradual. This one was not. There were still some boys wearing sailor suits during the War, bur after the War we rarely see boys wearing them. We are not yet sure about the girls. We are not sure how to explain the rapid disappearance of the sailor suit in Germany. It was probably a reaction to any symbols of Germany's discredited militaristic past.


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