American Sailor Garments: Floppy Bows--Positioning

boys sailor floppy bows
Figure 1.-- This framed portrait shows an unidentifird biy about 6 years old wearing a tradititioinal sailor suit. Mother has replsced the standard sailo scarve with a white floppy bow at the bottom apex of the V-collar. The portrait is undated and we are not surd just how to date it. The sailor suit is virtually timeless. The floppy bow would seem to date to the 1900s. The photographic format and the knickers pants seem rather like the 1910s. Thus about 1910 seemns a reasonable date. he studio was Olliveres.

Mothers varied as to where they positioined the floppy bows when they used them. There were two basic options. One option was to place the floppy bow at the collar. This was wear floppy bows as well as other neckwear was normally placed. There was a problem here, however, as regards the sailor suit. A good sized floppy bow placed at the collar covered up the most destinguosing feature of the sailor suir, the sailor V-front collar and dickie. This is perhaps why we also see mothers positioning the floppy bows at the bottom apex of the sailor V-collar. This is where the sailor scarve was tied in a small bow. The floppy bow looks out of place here, but some mothers liked the look. We note German mothers positioning bow in both plves, a little bow overkill. we have not seen this in America.


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