Clothing and Costumes Worn by Child Actors: Terry Kelman (US, 19??- )

Figure 1.--Terry Kelman played Auntie Mame's grandson in the film version. Here he appears at the ebd of the film. They are off to India.

Jan Handzlik in the Broadway production played both Patrick as a boy and Patrick's son Michael at the end of the play. In the film version, the producers decided to have another child actor play Michael. Movies do not have the sane budget constraints of Broadway plays. Michael was played by Terry Kelman. He appears briefly at the end of the film. Michaeland Mame are about to leave for India. Michael appears in a grey short pants suit, knee socks, and, appropos of the journey--a turban. Terry Kelman I believe is Ricky Kelman's brother. Terry and Ricky played Dan Duryea's sons in the 1958 film Kathy O. Ricky also played Dennis O'Keefe's son in "Dennis O'Keefe Show" (US, 1959-60). HBC has not seen this show, but a HBC reader reports that he wore short pants and kneesocks. Rickey had a lot of TV and film roles in the late 1950s and early 60s. A HBC reader remember him in one "Twilight Zone" episode from 1962. An adult character, a "perennial batchelor, has at last wed and taken his new bride home, which happens to be the home he's always lived in. His dead mother's spirit haunts the place, and at the end of the show, the husband has changed back into a boy of about 12, played by Ricky Kelman. He wears a white knickers suit with long dark stockings. Ricky had a big part in a none too appealing Lucille Ball and Bob Hope film from 1963, "Critic's Choice". Bob Hope plays Ricky's dad. Hope is a hard drinking New York theater critic for a newspaper. He's abusive and insensitive to Ricky, who seems like a very nice, normal kid in the film.


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Created: 7:32 PM 8/30/2008
Last updated: 7:32 PM 8/30/2008