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Figure 1.--The children in the 1959 version "A Dog of Flanders" are seen here in classic Dutch styles. The costuming in the film is quite accurate.

You can also slect the movies available on HBC by using this alphabetical movie listing. At this time only a few movies have been analized by HBC for clothing information, but more pages are being added all the time.

Do Me a Favor, Vote for My Mom -

This apparently was a film in which Kelly Reno played. We are, however, not sure about this entry. It could be a erronious report. A HBC reader writes, "This movie title doesn't show in any listing I could access, and nothing of the kind shows on Kelly Reno's bio's. If it proves legit after all, I'd sure like to know about it. But like I said, it seems unlikely Kelly Reno (the "Black Stallion" boy) was in it."

Doctor Doolittle -

One of the good Doctor's assistant is a blond boy about 13, Subbins who wears ghastly long pants. He appear once in a white night shirt.

Doctors and Nurses -

Dog of Flanders - (US, 1935)

A beautiful German shepherd dog suffers abuse that may be from its owner. Frankie Thomas.

(A) Dog of Flanders - (US, 1959)

Color. The Ouida classic deals with a poor boy (David Ladd) and his grandfather who adopt a mistreated dog and share their meager rations with him. You may remember the dog, it was Old Yeller. David plays the part beautifully of Nello, an innocent boy with a big heart. The costuming in the film appears quite accurate. Mello wears a kind of military styled cap which was popular in the Netherlands and a short jacket like Dutch smock. He also wears long pants cut above the ankles. They may be meant to be kneepants. HBC is not sure as to just what length Dutch boys would have worn their pants. Both Nello and his grandfather wear wooden shoes--footwear especially associated with the Netherlands. Nello desires to be a painter. The two find their lives are changed by the dog. When the old man dies, the two have to fend for themselves. The film is a real tear jerker. There are a few fleeting shots of more affluent boys in knicker suits.

(A) Dog of Flanders (US, 1999)

Warner Brothers redid the film in 1999. Nello (played by Jeremy James Kissner and Jesse James) is a young man born into a challenging world. The film opens in a blizzard, as a woman dies, leaving her baby boy with his grandfather, a cheerful, pious man. Nello and his near-lame granddad live in congenial poverty, delivering milk for local dairy farmers. They discover a Bouvier des Flandres working dog on the road, left to die after a brutal beating. They nurse him to health and name him Patrasche. Soon the shaggy dog is happily pulling their milk cart. Nello cherishes the sketchbook left to him by his mother. Nello has a love and talent for art inherited from his mother, but because he's poor, the priests in Antwerp cathedral won't let him glimpse the great painting by his idol and countryman, Peter Paul Rubens, that hangs above the altar. Inspired by her art and blessed by a chance encounter with noted local artist Michel La Grande (Jon Voight), Nello sets out against all odds to pursue his dream of becoming a great artist, like his idol, the genius Rubens. Though often thwarted by his circumstance, Nello finds solace, love and support from his best friend, the beautiful and wealthy Aloise (played by FARREN MONET and MADYLINE SWEETEN), and companionship from his beloved dog, a large Bouvier des Flanders named Patrasche. When Nello's poverty threatens to crush his dream and Aloise's father forbids the two life-long friends from seeing each other, the talented young artist (urged and schooled by his mentor La Grande) completes a beautiful painting for entry into a competition-hoping the recognition and the prize money will ensure his career and appease Aloise's family. But when the judging panel chooses a less deserving entrant simply because he is from their own upper class, the heartbroken Nello and his trusty companion Patrasche begin a challenging journey that educates the young boy about the true value of friendship and ultimately teaches the villagers about compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

(The) Dog Who Stopped the War (Canada, 1985)

Bittersweet tale about two rival children's gangs. Luke declares the great snowball war and leads an attack on a rival group led by Mark. Their feuding is stopped by a big-hearted dog named Cleo. Cedric Jourde.

Doghouse - (US, 1998)

Dylan Wagner appeared in this TV movie.

(A) Dog's Best Friend - (US, )

"A Dog's Best Friend" features Roger Mobley and Jimmy Baird, both graduates of the old TV show, "Fury".

Dollar Bottom - (UK)

A classic Scotttish film. The cast is made up of actual Scottish school boys. It was shot at the Daniel Stewart academy. The leader is a youth of about 14 years old. He concocts an insurance scheme, the boy's pay a small premium and if they are latter caned they collect a certain amount for their pains. Attractions here are the young hero's looks, his intelligence in dealing with the masters, and a scene where a boy bends over for the cane. The boys, except the very oldest wear grey shorts and blazers, except when they dress up in kilts.

Dondi -

Based on the comic strip about the orphan adopted by soldiers during World War II.

Donnie Darko (US, 2001)

Donnie Darko is written and directed by Richard Kelly, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Donnie Darko. Donnie Darko is 16-years old and is having some emotional problems. He sleep walks at night, and is befriended by a 6-foot tall rabbit named Frank. Frank warns Donnie that the world will end in 28 days unless he does something about it. That night, Donnie doesn't return home, but falls asleep on a golf range. Luckily he did, because while he slept, a jet engine crashed through his bedroom's ceiling. The FAA is called in, but there is no plane that crashed, nor was one anywhere near the Darko house that night. The government puts the family up in a hotel, and stakes out their house to try to solve the mystery. Meanwhile, Donnie is haunted by Frank's numerous visitations, and his own willingness to do as Frank instructs him to, including acts of vandalism and arson. Donnie breaks the water main at his private high school, flooding it, before vandalizing the school mascot. The only light at the end of the tunnel is Donnie's new girlfriend, who might die if Donnie doesn't solve the mystery of Frank. Donnie attends a private co-ed high school on the East Coast during the late 1980's. The class uniform for boys is blue slacks and white button down shirt; most boys are seen wearing white tennis shoes. The girls wear white shirt and blue skirts, some with knee socks, dark or white. Outside of school it's all jeans and T-shirts; some T-shirts are long sleeve with logo's, such are Hobie (manufacturer of surfing/sporting goods). Colored and striped T's, sometimes with a long sleeve button down shirt over them, unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up. Donnie is seen more than once wearing a hooded, long sleeve, zipper front fleece sweatshirt; he pulls the hood up when he stalks the night to perform vandalism. Overall a fascinating, intriguing film exporing the nature of schizophrenia as heightened senses (heightened to things temporal, that is), and the sacrifices needed to be a modern day [super] hero.

Donovan's Kid - (US, 1931)

Jackie Cooper

Figure 2.-- In scene from Donovan's Reef" the boy in a procession wears a velvet Fauntleroy suit with a lace collar which he wears with above the knee white stockings. He is visibly disgusted about the sissy outfit. He takes off his wide-brimmed straw hat with the long streamer in back. His sister calls him a brat and tells him to put it back on, but he tells her to shut up.

Donovan's Reef (United States, 1963)

A snooty girl from a respected Boston family arrives on a small island in French Polynesia in the South Pacific after World War II in search of her missing father. She finds two salty old sea dogs that conspire to hide the doctor's secret, interacial children. The mismatched trio provided comic relief. This John Wayne film dealt with racism and inter-racial marriage in a light-hearted way. Not very exciting John Wayne movie, but there are some nice touches here and there. A boy and his two sisters are being brought up on a French South Pacific island by his widowed father who is a doctor. During a nativity play the boy comes in as an angel, but wearing his baseball cap. (He plays in a lot of Disney movies, but this is the only sissy outfit I can recall. I bet he wasn't too happy about wearing it.) A disgusted nun snatches it from him which irritates him. In another scene he is in a procession, dressed in a velvet Fauntleroy suit with a lace collar which he wears with above the knee white stockings. He is visibly disgusted about the sissy outfit. He takes off his wide-brimmed straw hat with the long streamer in back. His sister calls him a brat and tells him to put it back on, but he tells her to shut up. Later he is pictured sitting down with his little sister, still dejected. His new found sister comes up to him to ask him what the matter is. Still pouting, he stands up and bends over, telling her his britches are too tight. She gives him a playful little pat on his bottom.

Double McGuffin - (US, 1979)

The movie describes what happens when a teenage boy discovers a briefcase full of money. The film was made by producer of "Benji". The clothing shown are the college style jackets and jeans worn in the late 70s and eraly 80s.

Down the Long Trail - (US, 1986)

Reasonable Disney movie about two children who survive a wagon train massacre and try to get home. The 12-year old boy nicely played by Dan Shanks tries to protect his little sister.

Down the Stretch - (US, 1936)

Mickey Rooney

Down to the Sea in Ships - (US, 1949)

Movie about life on a New England whaling boat seen through the eyes of a Dean Stockwell. Credible performance on his part.

Downfall - (Germany, 2005)

This acclaimed German film is orobably the most vivid depiction of the last days of the Third Reich in Hitler's Berlin bunker. Yje German actor playing Hitler is brilliant in his portrayal. The film includes the chilling scene on Hitler's birthday. He emerges from the bunker for the last time to decorate a group of Hitler Youth boys fighting in the defance of the city. These boys and other Berliners are dieing to give Hitler a few more days life. It is difficult to think of a people in history that gave more devotion to a single man. Yet Hitler had no feeling whatsoever to the privations and sacrifices of the German people. Rather he told his syncophants in the Bunker that the German people had failed him and did not deserve to survive. He issued the Nero Decrees that were designed to make Germany uninhabitable after the War.

Downtown - (Japan, 1955)

A poor woman finds love, but her man is accidentally killed. She has a little boy, about 8 years old. I have few details about the coistuming. I believe he wears long pants.

Dr. Syn Allies the Scarecrow

Dr. Zivago (US, 1965)

This is a classic film, often featured on lists of classic films. The publication of Boris Pasternak's masterpiece (1958) was an indident in the Cold War. The Soviets were furious that Pasternak had managed to have a manuscripted spirited out to the West. Some children are featured in the film, but were not a prominant part of it.

Dragonslayer - (US, 1981)

Adventures of an apprentice sorcerer as he tries to save a village, and a maiden in particular, from a terrifying village that no one has the courage to kill. Peter MacNicol is the apprentice who is an older teenager.

Dream No Evil - (US, 1973)

Worthless movie in terms of showcasing clothing trends. At the beginning of the film, a girl at an orphanage has a nightmare about her father. She awakes all the other children with her screams. The caretaker comes and orders the other girls to lay down, "Checks to our pillows" she instructs them. Then she not very gently tries to quiet the distraught girl. The girl continues to scream and struggle, so the lady threatens the girl, "Do you want me to strap you down?" The girl breaks away and runs down the hall, her nightgown is torn in the process. To get away from the caretaker she runs into the boys' room. Upon seeing her, they all sit up in bed, pointing and giggling at her. The care taker comes barging in and orders the boys to be silent. She then has them lay down and cover up. With the boys, cheeks to the pillows is not enough. They have to pull the covers all the way over their heads so they can't peep and see the girl. "Cover those heads. I want those heads covered," she warns. The boys all very obediently comply. Later on there is a line up where the children, boys all in long pants, are inspected for adoption. I'm not sure just how acurately orphanage clothing is depicted.

(The) Dream Time - (1973)

Unfinished movie based on Robert Louis Stevenson's work.

(A) Dream of Kings - (US, 1969)

An impoverished Chicago gambler tries desperately to gather the funds necessary to send his ailing son to Greece.

Dreams Don't Die - (US, 1982)

Two teenagers fall in love amid drug-selling children and rampant crime. Ike Eisenmann

Figure 3.-- This film has been released as both "The Dress Code" (1999) and "Bruno" (2000). The tagline: "A film that's long on originality but short on pants." The basic premise is that Bruno is an 8 years old cross dresser who attends a Roman Catholic elementary school. He has a recurring dream of being chased by an angel, and it's the vision of the angel that sanctions (for Bruno) his choice of wearing a dress.

(The) Dress Code - (US, 1999)

This film has beenreleased as both "The Dress Code" (1999) and "Bruno" (2000). The tagline: "A film that's long on originality but short on pants." The basic premise is that Bruno is an 8 years old cross dresser who attends a Roman Catholic elementary school. He has a recurring dream of being chased by an angel, and it's the vision of the angel that sanctions (for Bruno) his choice of wearing a dress. Actually, when we meet Bruno, he's wearing the blue blazer, long grey trousers, and blue tie that are the uniform of his Long Island parochial school. Bruno is the victim of the class bullies.

Driftwood - (US, )

A collie, but not a Lassie, movie with a little girl played by Natalie Wood. Several boys appear in small parts, I didn't see the whole thing. The boys wear long pants. One boy playing a bully attacks the little girl and the collie protects her, but is accused of being vicious and a trial ensues. On the witness stand the little girl comes to the collie's defense. She claims that the dog didn't bite the boy, but that he only screamed because he was embarrassed, "standing there in just his underdrawers." The movie was made by Republic Pictures and at that time Lassie was still under contract by MGM.

(The) Driver of the Deadwood Coach - (US, 1912)

This Kalem Studio silent film has a cast includng Judson Melford.

Drop Dead Darling - (UK?, 1966)

Also called Arrivederci Baby. A money-hungry young man keeps discarding guardians and wives for their fortunes. He meets his match in the widow of a nobleman. Mark Lester.

Drop Out Mother - (US, 1987)

A public relations executive decides to quit so she can spend more time with her family.

Drums/The Drum - (England, 1938)

Desmond Tester plays a drummer boy in 'Drums', an early English color film (1938). The original title was 'The Drum' which you see in posters. Desmond is the drummer in a Scottish regiment stationed in India. This is interesting in that it is the last English film set in the India of the British Raj before World War II. The view of Empire was never the same after the war. The Indian characters are depicted as untrustworthy even villanous. They are all plotting (often in underhanded ways) to overthrow the Raj. The lone loyal Indian is Prince Azim played by a young Sabu. It was Sabu's second film. He warns his British friends of the plot to overthrow and massacre them. He beats out messages on the title Drum. This time Desmond's character survived to the end of the film having made friends with Prince Azim. 'Drum' was an Alexander Korda film made at Denham. He wore a red ceremonial kilt uniform. When on duty he wore a khaki uniform.


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