* English movies The Gamma People

The Gamma People (England, 1956)

Figure 1.--This is part of Dr. Boronski procdedure to use gamma rays in creating genius kids. The procedure also resulted in zombies. The boys all wear short pants uniforms.

Here we have a real Cold War thriller, in fact a Cold War scifi, thriller. There were several such films, playing off science gone wild--usually as in this film with an atomic twist. While a British film, it had an American release -- although it did not make much of a splash in Anerica. And unlike films like 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' and the 'Blob' does not seem to have been picked up bu Retro Culture. British film makers have for some reason chosen American and Brit newsmen as the main character. It might be thought of as a Red Scare film genre, but it seeems more like a film makung fun of the Red Scare and not taking the very real Soviet threat seriously. Mike Wilson is an American reporter and Howard Meade, an English photographer. The film begins with them enroute to Salzburg, Austrai. Austria was a rare Cold War success. It was occupied by the Soviets and Western Allies, butagreements was reached to unine it as a neutral country. There thus was unprescedented connections between East and West. The passenger carriage the newsmen are in accidentally disconnects and they find themselves on an abandoned track-spur leading into a fictional and mysterious country--Gudavia. They are arrested and jailed as spies. An evil scientist named Boronski (Dr. Macklin) controls the kingdom and is experimenting with the effect gamma rays have on humans. Boronski's process creates genius children, which he outfits in European style short oants uniforms. The procedures also creates zombiess. The good doctor makes us of terrifying creatures ao maintain firm control and stay in power. He decides to realease the Western newsmen to avoid publicity about his secret operations. Wilson sences a huge story and investigates while they are awaiting transport back to Salzburg. A brave lab worker, Paula Wendt, contacts the newsmen. She works works in the castle lab with Boronski. And she wants to rescue her brother, Hugo, from Boronski's experiments. Asthe plot develop, Mike and Paula have to sneak into Boronski's castle fortress to rescue a local girl. Hugo becomes aware of their presence and the two are captured. Boronski decided he has no choice nut to eliminate Mike, Paula, and the girl and he prepares to use their gamma rays.


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