Movie Review: Girl Loves Boy - (US, 1937)

Figure 4.-- Dorthy (Cecilia Parker) has two allies in the rather flat romantic commedy, 'Girl Loves Boy'. Here the boys are misbehaving at school. They wear knee pants suits to school and appear in other outfits. We are not sure who they are yet.

'Girl Loves Boy" is a typical 1930s romantic commedy, but not set in the 30s. It is a perood piece set arond the turn-of-the 20 century. It is, however, and not a particularly good example of the genre. Robert Conrad (Eric Linden) is the main character. He is the irresponsible son of upright town leader Charles Conrad (Robert Imhof). Robert who likes to play the field, finally falls for Dorothy McCarthy (Cecilia Parker) and she is head over heels in love. His father, however, is furious about the affair. Dorthy is the daughter of penniless widow Mrs. McCarthy. His father insists that Robert who has no money of his own marry Sally Lace (Bernadene Hayes). That is, however, the end for Dorthy. After the marriage, it surfaces that Sally's divorce from her previous husband was never finalized. Two boys are on Dorthy's side. They wear knee pants suits to chool and appear in other outfits. We are not sure who they are yet.


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Created: 10:07 AM 12/23/2013
Last updated: 10:07 AM 12/23/2013