Seminole (US, 1953)

Figure 1.--This is a 1952 Universal publicity still for 'Seminole'. This photo features a behind the scenes image of Barbara Hale with Seminole indian boy extras on the set. Children were used as extras for the village scenes.

The Seminole Wars were the most difficult Indian wars fought by the United States. They were fought before the U.S. Army had repeating riles that mnade such a difference in the western Indian wars. The Sminole could hide in the vast Florida Everglades unlike the Plains Indians who were much more exposed. The Seminole were a tribe composed of the remanats of Southeastern tribes as well as runaway slaves. The Universal studio captioned the film as "The glory and the fury of the great Everglades Indian Wars." The film plot is largely fictional, but was the beginning of Hollywood's efforts to depict Native Americans in a mnore historically accurate way. 'Seminole' had some big stars including Rock Hudson and Anthony Quinn. The female lead was Barbara Hale. The fictional plot was built around the very real Selinole Wars (1810s-50s). Army officer Lance Caldwell is assigned to Fort King in the Everglades. There he comes intgo conflict wsith commanding officer Major Dade who is intent on destrouong the Seminoles. Caldwell was the boyhood friend of Seminole chief Osceola. Fighting breaks out. Osceola rescues Caldwell who is then court-martialed. Osceola comes to Fort King to talk peace and is killed. The film was shot in the Evergladfes and there are many Seminole extras in the village scenes, including children.


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