Polish Television: Do przerwy 0:1 / 0:1 before break (1969)

Figure 1.--This Polish television show depicted boys on a boat. One boys wears short pants and long above the knee stockings, a fashion in Eastern Europe and Russia even after World War II (1945).

HBC has noted an interesting black and white film. The main boy character wears short pants with long over-the-knee stockings. This was a fashion that continued after World War II in Poland, although it disappeared in the West. It was finally replaced with tights during the late 1950s. We did not know the title of the film. A Polish reader tells us that it was a children's TV series, "Do przerwy 0:1" ("0:1 before break"). It was shown in seven parts during 1969. I proved to be very popular. These two boys are not playing on a boat. They escaped from home to Madagascar. Of course they didn't get very far.


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Created: April 3, 2001
Last updated: 7:50 PM 7/20/2008